Oracle’s new Finance Data Warehouse

by Sam T
Oracle begun offering a data warehouse for financial service industry. Oracle claimed that this data warehouse would be more geared towards the needs of the financial environment. This warehouse is specialized for financial organizations by making it easier to store financial data, generate reports, manage metadata and carry out any other financial data needs. Oracle developed this data warehouse for 15 years using a financial services data model so it can be used for analysis, testing, reporting and possible risks.

This article relates to our class because we discussed about how data warehouses function. Companies can use these large amounts of data from data warehouses to help find potential clients and determine possible risks. I thought it was interesting how there’s many types of data warehouses geared towards what each company would need. I did not know that financial organizations would need their own financial data warehouse to help sort out their data.

Jackson, J. (2011, January). Oracle to Release Finance Data Warehouse.