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by Simon S
Simon Stiphanos


PostgreSQL, a very advanced open-source database, much like MySQL, has recently released version 9.1 of the community-engineered database. It now ships with new enterprise features like: synchronous replication, unlogged tables (which speed up non-sensitive I\O by not commiting resources to logging interactions), and more. Add to that the many long-time features which allow the database to scale very well into gigabytes or even terabytes of data, PostgreSQL becomes an obvious choice for developers and all types of organizations to consider for their own needs.

As the author stated, “with PostgreSQL 9.1, the streaming replication can now be done synchronously, which means that in a high availability cluster, the transactions being processed in the primary database are not committed until they are replicated in the backup database.” A feature many organizations pay huge licensing fees to Oracle and Microsoft for, this process protects the integrity of data even further than normal.

My take:

The database scales well enough for Skype to use it as their back-end database, has consistently shown to be extremely strict in the quality of code they release, and works on nearly all operating systems. My own experience with the RDBMS has been very good. Contrary to another students misconception, the data stored in PostgreSQL is as secure as in any commercial database due to features like: stringent value-acceptance for rows, concurrency-control, transaction support, replication, role-based authentication, etc. I believe I’ll be able to use PostgreSQL for all projects I create now and in the future with nothing but high-expectations.


PostgreSQL revs to 9.1