SQL Server 2012 Raises Excitement{1}

by CyberChic
In March Microsoft announced their newest version of SQL Server, SQL Server 2012. It became available on April 1, 2012. According to writer Joab Jackson of IDG News, MS added three broad areas of improvement. These include mission critical readiness, better business intelligence tools and greater compatibility with cloud computing. Tagged to the article was a YouTube video with take outs of attendees to MS seminar about SQL Server 2012. One was excited about the Power View which will enable end users to make fast and easy reports, while another said the column tool will make query response time 10 to 15 times quicker. Others were enthusiastic about the Full Text search and the ability to shuffle data because they could now make up to 15k partitions. Another feature is its greater compatibility with cloud computing specifically MS Azure.
It’s a fact of life, by the time you learn and master one software package, they come out with an upgrade. As we start to learn SQL Server 2012 this week, I will try to learn how to do the tasks mentioned such as end user queries and partitioning among others.
Since I don’t know about SQL Server 2008 yet, I’m not as excited about the upgrades as the people in the video.I do know that I have learned so many versions of MS Office, I can’t see straight. When they change, I know they keep the features they just change how to get to them. No wonder I don’thave any hair left. 😉
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