XML, future of DBMS{2}

In my previous blog I picked a journal through IEEE Xplorer, which talked about the future of using XML in DBMS. In this article I would like to continue that topic and add more to the benefits of using Extensible Markup Language (XML). It works best with unstructured data in document such as web pages. Itself is not a database it provides a way to transport and help share information on multiple systems.  XML is very user friendly and works with all the DBMS and can be easily integrated with all the popular object oriented DBMS and add-on features. In my previous blog I also talked about how economical XML since it is free and open source and no cost for owning it. XML support comes built in in present day DBMS so there is no extra cost. With low cost, consumers can rip maximum benefits in working with web application.

I think the research in XML has provided users with many benefits from saving costs to making DBMS user friendly by slashing working hours to some extent. I hope that with little bit more research in future should work wonders for people whom are looking to cut costs and time as well.


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