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by Rodriguez J
Chapter 3.2 Ebusiness

Amazon Kindle (3G + Wi-Fi)

As we, all know Amazon is one of the biggest E- Business books selling company in the world. Most of us have either bought or sold a book to Amazon. Amazon first started as being just an online bookstores but later diversified, selling anything from clothes, electronics, books and anything you can think of, making it one of the most successful  online businesses. With technology always changing, Amazon has introduced a new faster and efficient way to purchase books online with its new Kindle 3G eBook.

Amazons Kindle eBook is one of the best eBook readers you can buy according to an article from PC Magazine. It was the top editor’s choice for eBook readers. According to PC Magazine, “Buying books is as easy as ever. Just open the store, type in an author or title, click buy, and within a minute the book is sent to your device either via Wi-Fi or 3G” (PC MAG) Basically the article is about the new features the Kindle has, such as, a sharper screen, larger memory capacity, it smaller and its built-in Wi-Fi. With this new improved product, Amazon predicts that it will increase online book purchases by customers, being that all they have to do is press and click and the book will be available instantly.

The reason this article relates to Chapter 3 is that Amazon follows at least one of the EBusiness models. In Chapter 3, Baltzan talks about the different business models as well as strategies for EBusiness. Amazon  being a business to consumer (B2C) market has been able to take advantage to the internet making it one the biggest eBuisness organization. Having no retail warehouse Amazon operates solely business through eCommerce. With Kindle eBook as a marking strategy, Amazon is making it easier for new customer’s to purchase eBooks anywhere anytime.

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