Chapter 3: Ebusiness{Comments Off on Chapter 3: Ebusiness}

by Jorge R
Technology has really come a long way. What used to seem like just an idea, is really becoming a reality. Scientists are working with a robot, trying to teach it to think. The name of the robot is iCub. Though it can’t do everything a human does, it is learning how to think. What scientists want is to develop the robot so it understands what we want them to do, to be able to work with us in doing something. So far, it has learned to play a game. iCub sees two people playing a game, understands the rules and patterns of the individuals playing, then can join in on the fun. Though the games seem simple, the task itself is revolutionary.
Though the possibilities are huge, the iCub is actually quite small. He is 3.2 ft tall and his legs and arms are made up of circuits. The main role iCub will probably have is that of helping people around the house. His ability to understand the role he has, it would be very likely that he would do household chores. He can learn what the needs of the household are, and react accordingly.
This could really have an impact on how certain businesses function. Artificial intelligence is really starting to advance. In the near future, a business could use iCub for more than just clean. If it has the capability to learn, it could understand how a certain business operates and be just like another employee. Of course it would not have large responsibilities, but maybe could do great in a fast food restaurant. It could also interact with customers and maybe help satisfy their needs without needing anyone there. There are many places where iCub could function and it could very well revolutionize a business.

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