Developing Mobile Database Apps

by Kevin S
Learning about application development and databases go hand-in-hand with each other. Speaking of hands, we frequently would like to access databases through a mobile device. In the journal “Building Database-Powered Mobile Applications” we can learn of the different API’s available to create applications on mobile platforms. API’s covered include those for Android, Symbian, Windows CE/Mobile and Windows Phone (sorry Apple isn’t covered!). For most of the OS’s, SQLite may be used. SQLite has some restrictions on it’s data types and does not support certain other features normally used in SQL server.

Since we have just covered some basic application development, this article appealed to me. With the growing dependency on mobile devices throughout the world, we can expect to create an increasing number of applications for these devices. This article demonstrating the different types of API’s we may use for different operating systems will serve as a nice reference in the future.

This article was not overly complicated and is relevant to what we are learning. It has short examples of commands which will work in each type of application which is helpful. Overall, this is a good read for someone who may be interested in developing an application for a mobile device.

Pocatilu, P. (2012). Building database-powered mobile applications. Informatica Economica, 16(1), 132-142.

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