Why do We Learn ASP.NET?{1}

by Davina V
Information Systems (IS) graduates need to learn a way to find a good balance between the old and new technology which constantly grows more complicated when a new technology is introduced into society. The one of the main reasons why Microsoft’s ASP.NET technology is useful is because it can integrate mainframe and client/server technologies. The authors stresses that for proper operation of IS and Visual Studio.NET, IIS (Microsoft’s Internet Information Services) must be installed before Visual Studio. Luckily like the tip suggested our teacher gave us a short introduction to the software.

The article concludes that IS curriculum should accommodate both the traditional and the internet client/server environment to expand to allow for the integration of such technologies. Which are usually quite expensive.

I liked this article because it explained somethings that I had questions about. Because I know that knowing how to use visual studio is useful, but I did not know why we had to learn it in class. This article gives a good reason. Most likely there are other such programs but this is the most widely used.

This relates well to class because Computer Information Systems is made up by many other curriculum  including IS and Business, so it is nice to know why we learn it. Also we have been going over it allot these past few weeks in class.


Wallace, D. C., & Wolf, J. R. (2006). Incorporating ASP.Net in an Information Systems Curriculum. Journal Of Information Systems Education17(4), 369-371.