Enterprise Architecture: What and Why{Comments Off on Enterprise Architecture: What and Why}

by Kyle B

For chapter 5 i found a very interesting article that describes the importance of Enterprise Architecture also known as (EA). The article is titled “Enterprise Architecture: What and Why” by Tom Finerran and goes into depth on what enterprise architecture is and why it is important. Another thing explained in the article is what EA does for Senior business management, IT leadership, and the actual developers. 

On this website there is a figure showing an EA analysis that explains how EA helps define business processes in need of improvement. There are times in business when re-engineering is a must and EA provides a solid starting point for this to occur. Finneran also helps the ignorant by pointing out the four main EA topics which include; Information, business, application, and technology.

Overall Finnerman’s article does an excellent job of describing the importance of EA to the public or perhaps future business owners. Reading this article before looking into chapter 5 gave me a good intial understanding of EA and helped my quiz and summary flow well.