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by Laura A
Disaster Recovery Plans For Schools

EdOptions, an award-winning educational technology company, will now offer a built-in disaster recovery plan for schools. This plan will provide an affordable and accessible strategy for educators which will ensure the continuity of learning. Initially the disaster recovery plan was created in response to the U. S. Department of Education Recommendations for students during extended absences and school dismissal. In the event of a disaster, all students within a school could be added to a web-delivered system and continue learning from home.

The impact of H1N1 in schools has brought concern. The disaster recovery plan will allow students who may be infected with H1N1 to get well, stay well, and to keep learning. EdOptions provides a wonderful option to ensure that students don’t fall behind in their studies when unable to participate in the classroom environment.

The Disaster Recovery Plan will maintain the continuity of learning for:

· Individual or small groups of students who are out of school for an extended amount of time.
· Large groups of students disrupted by school dismissals or large number of faculty absences.
· In the event, the entire school is closed due to a natural disaster or pandemic.

This article relates to Chapter five’s reading on the importance of a company having implementing a disaster recovery plan. Disasters such as power outages, floods, and even hacking strike businesses every day. Thus, the expense for financial institutions to spend on disaster recovery continues to rise. Without a recovery plan, organizations risk the cost of losing information and technology within each department.

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