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by Ue Y

When you are running a lot of projects on several different computers, it is essential that all of your work is continually backed up on external hard drives in case your computer ever crashes spontaneously. If the files and projects are not backed up continuously and the computer crashes, it may cost the company a lot of time and money to have their employees either re-do the work or recover the projects.

For example, I have been working all summer on five different video projects on five separate PC computers. I just learned tonight that of the five computers, two of them have been infected with a virus through some internet web page that the students accessed without permission. They violated a trust that we had for them. What concerns me most is that this is going to set back the project and cost me more time to get the projects up and running again.

According to PC World Magazine, there is an easier way to store over 400 types of files on your computer with the new Storage Appliance’s Clickfree Automatic Backup line, the Clickfree Backup Drive. The drive has a storage space of 1TB. I’ve noticed that as time passes and equipments become “easier and cheaper” to make for companies, these external hard drives and flash drives are also becoming cheaper to purchase. The Clickfree Backup Drive’s cost ranges between $160 to $250 depending on which merchant you make the purchase from.

The back up drive starts off with a 25-second countdown and then scans your computer’s system for data files that are compatible with it to back up. After it has scanned the system and found the files that it can back up, it will ask you and warn you that it will back up those files. When the warning pops up, you are able to choose which files you wish to remove from the list or which other files to include. Once the files are backed up, you are still able to access the files on the backup drive through the Clickfree software to either print, share, email, or etc the files.

The backup drive is similar to other ones out there but it does not back up system files or support disaster recovery. The backup drive performs glitch-free on most operating systems but reviewers found problems with it when using the Windows XP system. The backup drive also has a reminder clock installed to ask you occasionally when to next back up your drive.

Overall, I need something like this in my line of work. It’s hard to remember to backup all of the work that I do because I get so caught up in the work, but with a Clickfree backup drive, it can automatically search my system for me to backup my files at set times.

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