Enterprise architectures: Coast Guard gets good marks on enterprise architecture{Comments Off on Enterprise architectures: Coast Guard gets good marks on enterprise architecture}

by Zach W
Enterprise Architecture includes plans for how an organization will build, deploy, use, and share its data, processes, and IT assets. The Coast Guard believes by adding enterprise architecture to its organization it will improve every aspect of its IT program. Progress has been developing for its information technology investments. A recent audit shows that the Coast Guard still lacks planning and documentation for the effort.

Coast Guards management is supporting the efforts to get an enterprise- architecture up and running. The Homeland Security Department’s inspector general said, “The Guard had developed an enterprise-architecture framework that will promote information sharing and integration, and aligns with all federal enterprise architectures.” One major drawback to get the program up and running is the lack of staff. With only 8 employees working on this project, management said they need 15 full time staff members. Although not finished with setting up the program, many have benefitted from the enterprise architecture framework, availability of documented IT systems and standards. The Main mission and goal is to reduce costs and better align its IT staff with services.

A few recommendations were made to speed up the process and keep the ball rolling. The guard plans to complete and integrate data profiles, models, and inventories for the service’s enterprise architecture. They will finish required documentation, and provide the office that oversees the program with enough resources to complete required enterprise-architectures activities. Once completed the Coast Guard will be able to reap the benefits of having an enterprise architecture program.

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