Enterprise Architectures: integrate business communications{Comments Off on Enterprise Architectures: integrate business communications}

by Yerania O
“Aastra urges IT managers and CIO’s to integrate business communications as part of their business continuity plans.”

This article touches on several different topics that pertain to chapter five, “Enterprise Architectures.” The enterprise communication market company, Aastra, advises and encourages companies to make better decisions for their organizations in regards to business continuity planning. Taking into consideration that such diseases are going around such as the H1N1 flu virus, many people are trying to stay away from crowds and that affects businesses. Because many people believe that the H1N1 could spread and cause a pandemic, it had frightened organizations because it would directly affect them too. If a large number of people get sick with the flu virus, then that means that customers will decrease for companies. For such reason, Aastra recommends that companies not only focus in their backup systems and information retrievals in their business continuity planning, but also on making sure that if such things occur, like a customer decrease, organizations should be able to maintain active and run their businesses without major problems. Followed by five steps that are recommended for circumstances as such, this top company, Aastra, works towards helping organizations build better communication channels and increase collaboration.

In relation to chapter five, this article encourages business continuity planning with a special suggestion. Making use of the business continuity planning will help companies make important decisions to keep functioning when disasters occur. As described, a business continuity plan will allow a business to have a backup plan when something goes wrong. The company will have procedures that will be followed to recover losses. Basically, every organization must have a plan in order to have a less effect on business operations when the unexpected occurs. In my experience, I have steps that I must follow when a disaster occurs. Working at a health center, if our computer system goes down, we must jump into preparing paperwork by hand, like old fashion. Although we might be limited in accessing information, we can overcome the interruption and still get out patients seen by doctors.

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