SAP 40 and better than ever.

by CyberChic
In looking for an article this week I came across two different
articles on SAP, who is celebrating its 40th birthday this month.
SAP is a German company who specializes in enterprise software
and is definitely keeping it’s competive advantage these
days. It is working on software called HANA which is high-speed
data analysis using parallel computing and in-memory processing.
It is being used by T-Mobilew, who has been successfully
using this technology to speed up database processing which had
previously taken one week to process but now only three hours. Quite an improvement. They seem to understand the importance of mobile technology and have been incorporating it into their suite of products. But to take the competive advantage away from competitors they have acquired their mobile development partner Syclo. Besides SAP, Syclo’s customers are IBM, Oracle and TRIRIGA.

With the ever increasing mountains of data in databases it is
important to turn it into information for analysis much quicker. SAP
sees the importance.

What is bothersome is the type of data that LOHR stated was
being used for marketing purposes. The example was T-Mobile, who
“takes HANA to mine data from stores, text messages and call centers
on its 30 million customers in America to tailor personalized deals.”
They are using text messages of all those using T-Mobile. Now that’s
an invasion of privacy. We all think that stuff is just deleted
but it’s not.

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2 thoughts on “SAP 40 and better than ever.”

  1. I never knew about SAP until this article. I find it interesting how something like this is used to track peoples information. I feel that above the uses of technology and despite the benefits it may offer to us, we should put the privacy of people first. However, from a business point of view, i feel that SAP is making the right moves in keeping their advantage over the competition.

  2. SAP really is moving in a new direction in a huge way, reading the other article on their Billion-dollar Hana project to compete with the multi-billion dollar main competitor, Oracle, really opened my eyes to the future of SAP and Oracle. SAP is having rapid growth, and their support of other systems, desire to market to smaller companies, and diverse acquisitions over the past few years all shows a solid corporate strategy, and I look forward to the resources that SAP will be extending to companies in the near future.

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