Ethics in Information Technology{Comments Off on Ethics in Information Technology}

by Mya D

The article I found for chapter 4.1 in relation to ethics is called, “About Ethics in Information Technology” by Nicholas Katers. This article discusses the matter of how ethics has been applied to the technology world today. The article touches on data mining, social networking, e-mail spamming, intellectual property and online filtering. It explained how each of these issues play into effect with ethical values in the business world. These issues are becoming more and more common in everyday life.

Throughout the article it discusses how some very familiar sites are viewed to be unethical in some of their practices. The topic of Facebook demonstrates how the site, which is considered to be a form of social networking, developed a program named Beacon, designed to turn users’ personal information as a way to advertise to. Another issue brought up with these types of social networking sites is the amount of security they make available for their users or lack thereof.

Chapter 4.1 discusses exactly what this article points out as to what is ethical in the world of technology and business today. It explains some technology related issues such as, intellectual property, copyright, and pirated software, just to name a few. This article relates to the chapter in describing some of the most common forms of ethical technology information and how it’s occurring regularly right in front of us.


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