Chapter 4.2 Information Security{Comments Off on Chapter 4.2 Information Security}

by Andrew G
Sony has been the lucky company so far that there very popular game console has yet to be jail broken until well skilled hackers have now made system software to mod the Sony Playstation 3 and make it hackable. Microsoft and Nintendo know this feeling all to well. Since 2008 they have been dealing with their consoles being hacked and they have been suffering the cost of there software being pirated.

What the hack does to the Sony Playstation 3 is allow the owner to store video games to the console and run them off the hard drive. So its as basic getting a game that you rent or don’t purchase and just uploading to the hard drive and the game is now your to play. The software comes stored on a usb thumb stick and it’s simple plug it up to the console and just upload the files and the Ps3 becomes Jail broken.

Sony needs to worry about this because there business will suffer if this spreads and there system remains hacked. Ozmodchips the maker of the system hack has been taken to court by Sony and the hack as been taken away. Still though it has been made and all it takes is someone to upload the system files to the net and make them available for download and Sony can be in big trouble with there system getting pirated.

It’s related to the chapter of Information Security because Sony now has to develop security measures on how to detect the pirated software and ban the user of it. Also, hackers played a key role since they were the ones who cracked the Sony software and made the jail break possible. Now Sony has to do a detection and response on the hackers software and eliminating the possibility on  there console from being hacked

My thoughts on the article well I kind of knew it was a matter of time until the Playstation was going to get taken over. I saw it with the Xbox and Nintendo Wii in 2008 so I knew the hackers were going to develop something in the near future to jail break the Playstation as well. Im kind of rooting for Sony to win this battle because they are a company who cares about there paying customers.


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