Chapter 4: Ethics and Information Security{Comments Off on Chapter 4: Ethics and Information Security}

by Jorge R
Almost anyone with internet access has downloaded a song or video from the internet. This may have been done legally or illegally. Though it does not seem like a big deal to us, it is to the entertainment industry. Because of all the illegal downloads, France has now passed a bill that targets internet piracy.

Users whom download copyrighted material from the internet could be cut off from access for up to a year. It could also lead to a fine for up to 300,000 Euros, equivalent to $435,000. They will be emailed a warning for the offense, also a formal letter. If ignored, the person could be without the internet for quite awhile. This law is not just for adults, it’s also warns children. If children are caught downloading illegally, and the emails and letters are ignored, their parents could be in trouble. The family internet could be cut off for a month, and the parents could be fined 3,750 Euros, $5,480, for not monitoring their children’s online activities.

The bill still needs to pass a small committee of lawmakers to become law, yet there is already much criticism. Critics are skeptical about privacy rights of individuals, how it is going to be enforced, and how it’s going to be enforced. Right now it seems that internet subscribers would be asked by their internet service provider to install special software in order to identify who is downloading illegally.

This tied in with chapter 4 because this is a big ethical issue. I do not believe many people believe that downloading music is ethically or morally wrong. There is obviously a difference standard in law and ethics but regarding this subject it has not really been compared. I do not know anybody who has downloaded music who has actually had any kind of reprehension. This is also a privacy matter. It seems as if people are going to have to download software so the government can see what they are doing. There aren’t any specifics on what the software is going to contain. It almost seems that we are going to give access to the government to monitor what we are doing. I think there is going to be a lot of complaints about invasion of privacy.

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