“I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me”{2}

by Jonathan F






Facebook Corp

Have you ever noticed the Facebook, and Twitter buttons on many of the web pages that you visit? The buttons allow you to share content that you like, with your friends on these social- networking websites. But the companies that run these social-networking websites also collect information about the sites that you have visited that contain these buttons called widgets. Both of the companies collect information about the sites that you visit even if you don’t hit the button. The companies have stated that they collect the information for the purpose of advertising and that they only keep the information for a small amount of time. The Wall Street Journal states that these widgets have been added to millions of websites within the past year and that they appear on a third of the 1,000 world’s most-visited websites. Facebook says that the widgets work by using cookies that are placed on your computer when you log onto Facebook or when you register for it. The cookies allow Facebook to see what users are looking at on any of these sites that contain these widgets.  The scary thing about these widgets is that, they are contained on websites that can be about personal subject like depression and bankruptcy. Members of Congress have introduced new bills this year that would eliminate some of these privacy concerns, but until they become law we will continue to be watched.

The article talks about these small little applications placed on websites that can potentially invade a person’s privacy. I personally would not like anyone to know what my internet activity consist of, not because of the content that I surf, but just the mere principle that it’s invading my privacy. In my opinion it would be like someone eves dropping in my phone conversation or someone constantly looking over my shoulder to see what I’m doing, so that they know more about me. I believe that it is wrong for these websites to collect information about they’re users.

I must admit that I am a user of these social-networking sites and even though my privacy is being invaded, I will continue to use se sites. I think that most users will continue to use the sites. I hope that in the future government does pass regulations on internet user privacy, so that these companies can no longer track your activity unless you want them to. I no longer want to feel like someone’s watching me.

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