HTML5 is here to stay!?

by Bernard T
The articles I read had to do with this week’s topic of course which was, HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language, which is the universal tongue of our web browsers. In particular HTML5, which to a lot of people is considered the next big thing in HTML, but of course not everyone will agree with this statement. One of the articles gave its reasons to why HTML5 should be implemented by everyone now and they mean now! It gave some compelling reasons to why every web developer, be they professional or beginner should get on the HTML5 bandwagon. According to the author, “HTML5 is the revolution that the web needed and the fact is, it is the future whether you like it or not — suck it up and deal with it. HTML5 isn’t hard to use or understand and even though it’s not fully adopted yet, there are still plenty of reasons to start using it”. The author had a comprehensive list of reasons, 10 in fact which supported his argument and although I cannot get into great detail about all of them I will list some of his points starting from 10th  all the way down to his number one reason;

10. Accessibility: makes creating accessible sites easier for two main reasons: semantics and ARIA.

9. Video and Support: makes creating videos for your website much easier

8. DOCTYPE: <!DOCTYPE html> Yup that’s it, that is the doctype, nothing more, nothing less.

7. Cleaner Code: simple, elegant, and easy to read code.

6. Smarter Storage: a new local storage feature that makes apps possible w/o 3rd party plug-ins

5. Better Interactions:  more dynamic website that responds to the users through <canvas>

4. Game Development: develop games similar to flash but easier using HTML5′s <canvas> tag

3. Legacy/Cross browser support: Modern, popular browsers all support HTML5

2. Mobile compatibility: most mobile ready tool for developing mobile sites and apps

1. It’s the future: The number one reason why you should start using HTML5 today is this: it’s the future

What I learned from the articles I read about HTML5 is that it has recently been receiving a lot of hype  because of the fact that it has been gaining attention from the big companies like Google, Mozilla and Apple, just to name a few.  Attention from these companies is mostly positive but in some cases, like Apple in particular, HTML5 might end up pushing away a lot of their prominent 3rd party developers from their Apple specific apps and more towards devices that have HTML5 compatible browsers. Not to mention that HTML5 can now add animation and videos without the need for flash which puts Apple’s strategy in question. When developers are given a chance to create software, it is obvious that they would rather write one set of cross compatible code than having to port over from one to another. Who wouldn’t right? This would save a lot of time and money, and who wouldn’t want that? Apple that’s who!

I also visited websites that gave you a demo and showed HTML5 in action and I must say, even though I am no expert or anything, HTML5 seems to be a lot easier to understand and use. I also saw how HTML5 websites looked and I was very impressed because it took less code to do it and it did not use flash. I don’t know if HTML5 is next standard because right now it is still in development and there are still some bugs along with compatibility issues amongst certain browsers. Experts say that it should take a decade at least before HTML5 is fully supported and accepted with confidence but they suggest that anyone who wants to be part of this evolution should get in on it now.


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4 thoughts on “HTML5 is here to stay!?

  • April 15, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    Awesome find! That list was absolutely perfect. A very concise and efficient way to go over HTML5 features, thank you for the article. Seeing the number one reason, it makes me really think about what’s to come with technology and the future. I can’t wait to find out!

  • April 15, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    Interesting article and nice summary! I wrote this week’s blog on a similar topics as yours, but in mine it only talked about the two of the features. Your number 7’s cleaner code is another advantage of html 5, it will allow for maintenance or upgrade of websites easier as cleaner code means easier to read. In most of the article i read from searching for html 5, they are all talking about the advantages of html 5, but i did not see any article that talks about the disadvantage of html 5. It makes me wonder, maybe because html 5 doesn’t have any flaws? i guess we will find out soon….

  • April 15, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    That was a great summary. HTML 5 will be the future of the web and people do need to begin jumping on the bandwagon or they are going to be behind when HTML 5 is implemented. You did a great job with breaking down what is going to be the difference with HTML 5 which is great because some people do not know and it is a great thing to know. Mobile is such a great thing to be worked into this new web becasue everyone today has cell phones that have web and the pages need to fit otherwise it is a pain. I also like how it will be less code and actually easier. I cant wait to see when it is officail and see how well it works across platforms

  • April 15, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    Great find on the article! As we transition into HTML5, I anticipate how awesome some of the features of it will be. For example, online gaming would be so much better with video and sound support built right in. Also, I give credit to the OP as he went above and beyond this weeks blog assignment as he even took the time to visit HTML5 webpages. I’m sure their will be some sort of security concerns with HTML5 however that will be worked out as time progresses. Again, great article and good job on the write up!

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