by Andrew J
Current Mayer of New York City, Michael Bloomberg,  says that his new years resolution is learning how to program. He is using a service known as Codecademy. Codecademy sends the user weekly coding exercises straight to your email for simple access to programming exercises. They currently teach Javascript, Ruby, and Python. Though these programming languages are not extremely wide in use in the Enterprise industry, top companies and in need of more and more Web designers and programmers. Codecademy is getting a lot of users that work in large companies. They are starting to request more content and different types of development tools such as JQuery.

I checked out the Codecademy website and it looks like a very simple way to learn how to Javascript and Python. For people who want to learn how to design and write web pages, there is now an interactive method of learning. Most of all online tutorials and text based methods of learning. Their method of learning by going through practical examples is a great way to keep learning interesting. I think it can act as a supplement or a precursor to this class.



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