Microsoft ASP.NET MVC goes open dev{1}

by Bernard T
The article I read this week had to do with how Microsoft has take its ASP.NET MVC( Model-View-Controller) into the open development realm. Microsoft’s Web Application framework has been open sourced since its release in 2009 but according to the article, its development was solely Microsoft’s concern. Under this new development model, users and developers will be able to see the products inner workings right down to individual code development, bug-fixes and its new features. Most importantly, the author says which has been a long time coming, Microsoft will now accept third party patches and contributions. One such update has already been accepted from Miguel de Icaza, founder of Mono, the open source implementation of the .NET stack. This is not the first time Microsoft has done this, Windows Azure SDK for the company’s cloud computing service is also an open project, hosted on github, which allows third-party contributions. One thing to note, the author says is that even though Microsoft seems to have embraced open-source and development, they will still have final say of what gets integrated and what doesn’t. For now, they will continue to support ASP.NET MVC as a developed framework but they expect the community involvement will bring forth a system that is better suits the needs of developers in a more responsive and more innovative way.

This is good news for ASP.NET enthusiasts and new users alike. Whenever something is openly developed and sourced it has the consequence of being developed faster and becoming a more richer application. There are many communities that support ASP.NET, some are free but most charge in order to take advantage of what has been developed through their hard work. Looking around the web you can’t deny the power of open sourcing and development.

I believe that this is significant to us as students because we can be part of that open source community once we have developed the skill set to do so. This does not mean however that we cannot take part in it now. I am sure some of our classmates have enough knowledge and know how to contribute code and fixes currently. I also think that knowing about the open source community is good for us because it shows that we have the power to produce innovative and rich code on our own while also giving us the opportunity to make money from it.



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