… a must in education!

by Evin C
Having just began our journies into and Visual Basic framework, it’s still amazing that we have the opportunity to learn these skills and apply them to our futures. The article I have found this week shares a view on incorporating into Information Systems Curriculum. The author points out, “Information systems curriculums should accommodate both the traditional mainframe as well as the Internet client/server environments to best serve their graduates and the information technology field. With the increasing importance of the Internet in the communications, commerce, and entertainment sectors, academic institutions should incorporate bridging software, such as ASP.NET and the IDE Visual Studio, and expand their curriculum to allow for the integration of Internet client/server technologies and traditional mainframe technologies.” Going on to explain the capabilities of and the application of the resource, it only further shows just why our university offers this course. It goes to point out that we might need to incorporate even more information into our programs and that might be what we need as students. The information technology world is so rapidly changing that having a good foundation in most aspects of technology would prove extremely useful.

Our current course work is allowing us to venture into and see the depth of such a resource. Looking to courses we will be taking in the future, I question what more there is to learn. How much is out there that we haven’t even touched upon? The immediate thoughts are Ubuntu and Linux but there is talk of a course being added for just that. Cal Poly Pomona is ever-changing and it will be enlightening to see how the Computer Information Systems program develops.


Wallace, D. C., & Wolf, J. R. (2006). Incorporating ASP.Net in an Information Systems Curriculum. Journal Of Information Systems Education, 17(4), 369-371.