20,000 Sites Infected by Malicious JavaScript{2}

by Eric H
Recently, Google issued an alert through its Twitter account informing uses that 20,000 web sites might have contaminated with a malicious JavaScript. Google, a search engine website they do not have the responsibilities to inform web masters of these possible malicious JavaScript on their site and Google decided to inform these webmaster in order to protect end users (Parrish, 2012). “We think that JavaScript has been inject into your site by a third party and may be used to redirect users to malicious sites” that is part of the email that Google sent to all these web masters, and if they find their JavaScript containing “eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,r)” then they should take action and remove such codes (Parrish, 2012).

I find this article to be interesting and it also relates to our what we are doing in class. In our project, we were using JavaScripts to create a functional slideshow, and using javascript to validate forms. Javascript seems really useful and help our websites function better. However, with more sites using JavaScript it also means end users like us are expose to more threats. This is a big problem for me as to most of the end users, i use Firefox as my main browser and i have install a plugin called “NoScript” which blocks all JavaScript by default and i can decide to allow or continue blocking a particular site.

Parrish, K. (2012, April 19). Bestofmedia:20,000 websites possibly infected by malware, says google. Retrieved from http://www.tomsguide.com/us/Google-Malware-JAvaScript-Redirect-Search-Quality,news-14888.html