5 Places to bring out the Web Designer in you{3}

by Stephen O

Even some of the best web designers out there need some inspiration, or even a little help. While there are maybe thousands of websites you can visit for advice and cool resources, there are five gems among the rough that people looking to develop websites should visit first. One of them is http://www.planetphotoshop.com . “If I’m looking to spiff up some ordinary-looking photographs, I mouse over to Planet Photoshop. This site features an abundance of tutorials that will help you fix problem shots or make your photos more vibrant.” (Dove, 2010) The site is frequently updated with news, how-to’s and links to professional resources. The National Association of Photoshop Professionals sponsors it, but you need not be a member to use the resources of the site. Another must visit site is http://www.lynda.com/, as it has a ton of helpful tutorials on how to use technical programs like 3ds Max, and it has a large library of online videos by sorted subject and software. In addition, it has Learning packages available at different price-points. Now if you want to know everything about fonts then ilovetypography.com/ is for you. A blog site dedicated to everything font “How-tos include making fonts and choosing fonts; there’s coverage of the Arial vs. Helvetica controversy.” (Dove, 2010) There other places worth mentioning as well: Digital Photography Review which specializes in digital cameras, so if you’re looking to buy a camera to take pictures for your up and coming website this is the place to visit. Another amazing website is Smash Magazine; it is a mix of technical information and design ideas. “The site mixes inspiration with technical information covering all aspects of Web design, program-based tips and tricks, coding tutorials, professional advice, plus all the icons, graphics, wallpapers, themes, photos, and fonts you could ever want.” (Dove, 2010)


Not too long ago I was tasked by one of my Professors, to come up with a concept for an S.A.A.S. Website and create a wireframe for the entire site in addition to creating all the UML documents that are required in such an endeavor. Coming up with an idea for software was not the hardest part, I was given a lot of leeway when it came to the software idea. The UML Documentation in itself was more tedious than difficult; the most challenging part was the wireframe for the website. This is where I was bogged down in my project.

Now if I had access to say Planet Photoshop I could easily have had more resources for the wireframe when it came to the design and layout of the website. I could have had more interesting formatting if I had ilovetypography.com’s blog handy. These would have been invaluable tools to have for the first project. Thankfully, it was just one project, for all my future projects and future endeavors in web development I will have the tools and resources these sites provide at my disposal.
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