5 Reasons for the Rise of JavaScript

by Eric H
In this article that i found, it talks about what is JavaScript, and how may JavaScript be benefitful for developer to get into. The author of this article describe Javascript as a new way to approach to development, with Javascript the server side is used much less than before, instead Javascript handles the data on the client browser. In the article, it also mentioned the 5 benefits JavaScript have over the traditional server-side development model: Javascript is fast and responsive, universal front-end platform, mobile devices friendly, off-line support and app stores, and industry momentum( Kienle, 2010).

With the new JavaScript, everything is faster. with javascript development it sends JSON or XML to client’s browser and then it renders the data in the browser, keeping communication with server fast and to a minimum (Kienle, 2010). Javascript will work with PHP, Ruby, Python, Rails, and ASP.NET. Sites developed using JavaScript will also work for mobile devices, so companies would not have to rebuild their app or sites 3 – 5 times just to have to be compatible with all the different type of mobile devices out there. JavaScript can use locally cached data to draw and refresh an app even with no network connectivity. The 5th benefit it has is that JavaScript is the most popular programming language out there, companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft all have invested in Javascript, it stand a good chance in becoming the industry standard (Kienle, 2010).

I found this article very interesting, this article is mean for companies, but i find it very interesting and it also relates to what we’re doing in class this past week. From what i read in the article, it seems Javascript has a lot of nice benefits over the standard server-side development. The benefits will help end users like us, when browsing sites that is developed with JavaScript. Hopefully we will see more sites with JavaScript, as faster browsing experience is always welcomed, and the fact it supports mobile device is a plus also.


Kienle, H. M. (2010). It’s about time to take javascript (more) seriously. Retrieved from http://0-search.proquest.com.opac.library.csupomona.edu/docview/215836339/abstract/13660CA883A376CA123/18?accountid=10357

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  • April 29, 2012 at 11:12 pm

    If anything is for sure in this world, is that speed does matter in the technological and developmental side. I agree with you that mobile phones and devices are the future. So speed will always be in demand. I liked this article because it’s showing us what other languages are out there and that we need to learn.

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