SDLC is Good Way for Business{Comments Off on SDLC is Good Way for Business}

by Chaoxi P
The article was about view of the SDLC in business. There mention SDLC methodology is the most important procedure that should follow when trying to implement any highly visible project or software into our business. Most corporations, small and large, follow the same process. SDLC will not only make the project a successful one but will also save business thousands of dollars.  Besides that, the article introduces 8 major phases of the SDLC. They are initiation, feasibility, analysis, design, development, testing implementation, and post-implementation. In each of the phases, there summarize what is about and the benefits of the phases. All these about, is very important for investor to determine whether investing.

 In the class, we discuss software development life cycle. Two of the topics are mention the treating the steps of a project and develop software more quickly and at lower costs with SDLC. Relate to the article, on investment, this is one of most important factors in the Feasibility Phase. They don’t care how small the task or project may be.  However, they will consider some of questions. Is the project even feasible to do?  Is it cost justified?  Can the project be finished in time?  Is there a return on the investment?  Will you get more savings in return than the cost of designing and developing the process?  All these questions need to be answered. Therefore, SDLC is the most attractive for investor to consider.

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