The Gatherer, Hunter Approach{2}

by James C

Many successful companies today are finding that not all good ideas come from their own R&D department, but rather blogs, RSS feeds, forums and search engines. The key though to their success is not only keeping up with the knowledge of new ideas and improvements but also to connect them with the right personal to implement them. Other companies that have followed in suit with these “giants” of innovation have failed to recognize the latter of this approach. These successful companies have recognized and even specialized the of two positions that have given the most contribution, idea scouts, personal responsible for seeking and determining the importance of new ideas, and idea connectors, personal responsible for finding the meaningful association between the new ideas and company products and services. This article states in detail the processes that successful companies go through to gain or maintain the leading edge in technology.


I feel that companies that embrace the change of business are more likely to succeed. It’s only to often that a company, or business, designs their objectives and methods using experienced methods to run their day-to-day activities. In short, many view it as “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” approach. This is where they fail to acknowledge that the world is round and constantly evolving.

Businesses should not only seek new innovative ways to improve but also be innovators themselves. Staying one step in front of the competition is always a positive, and besides redesigning the wheel won’t bring in much more business, but redesigning the car that uses it can.


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