AJAX Not So Bad{Comments Off on AJAX Not So Bad}

by Joeydes M

This article is about the waves that AJAX is making at the enterprise level of development. AJAX is a client side object oriented toolkit that Microsoft provides to its developers. In Visual Studio it has drag and droppable components that allow for very sophisticated and modern website design. AJAX stnads for Asynchronus Javascript and XML. The article states that some Canaidian firms are finding a place for AJAX in their development practices. The article discussed some of the drawbacks to AJAX and some one of those drawbacks was the spin off s of the product, Microsoft has their version of it, as does Adobe (in the Spry package) it states that there are 100-200 different variations. This causes a lot of interoperatbility with web browsers. Google is trying to resolve this particular issue by releasing its own web developer toolkit and it combines these different types of design into one universal Java development platform. Another porblem that came up was the fact that there was not a lot of back end tools with AJAX and that means a developer would have to used two different langauges to program for both, it states ideally you would like to develop the back and the front end in the same language.


Having developed with AJAX in Microsofts Visual Studio IDE, I can vouched that it is a superior development tool. I enjoyed using it and the effects on the web page were impressive. it saves the number of requests to the server and it speeds up the client experience. It was very easy to use in the Microsoft enviornmet and there is a ton of literature on the web about manipulating it to how you want for your project. it has a lot of functionality “out of the box”. Obviously, it was intended for use with Internet explorer, but I have found that with the development of multiple frameworks it is becoming more platform independent.

I can see where the back end programming is an issue, because I was in Visual Studio I used ASP.net for my database connectivity and for a lot of the HTML objects on the site. having to jump back and forth was not too bad for my situation, given that Visual Studio has a “user friendly” developing method, but I could see the potential problem for someone else using a different method of development. I see the concerns in this article and feel as if they are a bit exaggerated. I liked my experience with the toolkit and will continue to use it.


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