Microsoft’s JavaScript Focus is a Winner{Comments Off on Microsoft’s JavaScript Focus is a Winner}

by Marco M
“Some developers must be masochists”

Microsoft is becoming the latest software development company to fully embrace HTML5 and JavaScript. Microsoft has set its focus on

implementing both in their new version of Windows, and Office Suite and Office 365. By making this announcement, Microsoft has acknowledged that VBA is a lousy scripting language and it is replacing it with a more powerful and widely accessible and acceptable script. The article also mentioned that VB6 was an inferior programming language that Microsoft stopped supporting in 2008. So it makes sense that Microsoft would stop supporting VBA, which is cumbersome to use and whose syntax is unclear sense. JavaScript on the other hand, runs almost everywhere, from mobile devises to desktops, to web servers, in fact, JavaScript is perhaps the most popular scripting language on the web and if Microsoft makes JavaScript the preferred scripting for Windows, it would be a valuable tool for developers and users alike.

I think that the article presented the facts clearly and concisely, the fact is that JavaScript is widely used in all type of devices and the web in particular, shows that Microsoft is able and willing to make changes that would benefit their product and consequently, us, the customer. This is a great move and hopefully, is the beginning of creating better product.