JavaScripts grabbing your browsing history{Comments Off on JavaScripts grabbing your browsing history}

by Alejandro C
A new study was release by computer scientists at UCSD stating that browsing history can be viewed without your consent through JavaScript code. The scripting deployed by real websites and those of advertising organizations use browser vulnerabilities to see which sites you do or do not visit. Using a process called history sniffing, which sends information across networks. History sniffing takes place with a user not even being aware. It relies heavily on browsers which displays which sites you have visited and not visited. Through the tagging of those by purple (visited sites) and blue font (not visited sites). Through this whole process advertising agencies can build up user profiles and criminals can begin to collect information for future phishing attacks. This process seems simple enough to create and could potentially lead to users information being used for criminals benefit.

Though I think since most users now are pretty proactive in keeping their information private taking some precautions should always be in mind. Clearing browser caches and history should always be setup on your settings. As well as keeping your applications and internet browsers up to date seems like a critical task to help deter these kinds of problems.

I know for me I am always on top of this. As soon as I setup a new browser I make sure to setup the proper privacy settings for myself and always tell other users to do the same. An important one that I always recommend is clearing all settings when the browser closes. It clears all vital data and gives you a piece of mind when having passwords and user names saved and such. Newer version of software and scripting languages are always coming out so being on top of updates and news is always an important part of protecting yourself from information being stolen in manners to which you no idea of.

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