Drag and Drop Framework{Comments Off on Drag and Drop Framework}

by Luis F


The article was about the release of a new version of a drag and drop design framework for WordPress called Platform, by PageLines.  Platform provides content management system design options, drag and drop layout editor, and a fully configurable template builder for designing custom websites.  On December 8 an online store will be opened for developers to get the latest apps for web development to create their own sites.  All the apps will be created by developers that are a part of the PageLines community.  The apps range from drag and drop features, eCommerce, or a community forum.  The 2.0 framework will include an improved layout editor, an intuitive UI, responsive design, dynamic color handling, and improved performance.  Pricing for a regular license is $197 and the developer version is $397.

This article relates to the class as it allows many people to be able to create a website, even if they don’t necessarily understand the coding behind creating one the conventional way.  This should increase the rate at which sites go up, as well as more creativity as many more people will have access to developing a website and can apply artistic elements.

One issue that I see with the drag and drop is that people will be putting up sites, but not understanding the code behind it.  I think that PageLines should include an explanation tool.  For example you can highlight a segment and it will show the code and provide a brief explanation.  This might make it a more effective tool for future website designs.  Overall I think that platform is a very exciting tool to help aid the future development of websites.

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Empson, Rip (2011, November 11). PageLines To Launch An ‘App Store’ For WordPress Drag & Drop Sections, Plugins And Themes. Retrieved from http://techcrunch.com/2011/11/04/pagelines-to-launch-an-app-store-for-wordpress-drag-drop-sections-plugins-and-themes/