Goodbye Horses{Comments Off on Goodbye Horses}

by Luis F
The journal article was about IIS web page Trojan horses and how they are written in .Net and providing solutions on how to rid ones webpage of them.   It provides information on what the Trojan’s are able to do and how they operate, an example is a one statement Trojan “has no independent ability to control a website, but if it is used together with client code, it can control the website”.  Then the article offers 9 examples of anti-killing Trojans on a website.  One example from the article is case conversion, where the Trojan is trying to evade anti-virus programs by using different casing in its block of code.  The article ends by explaining the Trojan detection program they developed in C# and how in its test it was able to detect all the Trojans in their sample.  It’s also coded so that it can detect future Trojan’s as long as the user updates and tracks any new kind of Trojan they encounter.

This journal article shows the importance of trying to gain the upper hand on malicious programs people face every day.  With continued development we can be able to counter act the harmful programs and ensure better web safety.

Hopefully this news will reach the general public, so that they can ready themselves to prevent any kind of attack.  The more information about Trojan’s they receive the better their chances of reducing detrimental circumstances to their web experiences.

Xu Ming Kun; Chen Ming; Hu Yan;  “Design of software to search webpage Trojan horse in IIS server,” Computer Science and Automation Engineering (CSAE), 2011 IEEE International Conference on , vol.1, no., pp.208-210, 10-12 June 2011
doi: 10.1109/CSAE.2011.5953205
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