Apple displays HTML5 Demos while taking shots at Flash{2}

by Stephen O

Apple displays HTML5 Demos while taking shots at Flash

By now, you probably have heard of HTML 5 in some way shape or form. You may not be familiar with what it can do though; apple is seeking to change this. Apple created a site back in 2010 to show case some of the features that HTML 5 brings to the table. The site has several demos that include the latest in greatest in Web Standards and cover a number of features: CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML 5. At the time of the article, you needed to run Safari 4, but since this article is a couple years old, it may be safe to say the latest Firefox and Google Chrome maybe able to view it. The site also features HTML’s Play capabilities, and allows you to adjusts the size and scale of the video while the video is streaming. Another demo lets you play with “Rich Typography,” letting one change the font, font color, move the text and easily change the scaling of the font using the Scalable Vector Graphics. There are demos for audio as well, one demonstrates the audio tag in HTML 5 and allows you to add audio to your website without needing plug-ins, simply add by using the audio tag. Other demos included imagine transitions, 360-degree rotations around an object, and VR Browsers. All these features using HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS3. While showing off all the goodies they made a subtle shot at flash “Standards aren’t add-ons to the web. They are the web. And you can start using them today.” (Mulroy, 2010). Included here in this blog is a link to the site:

Reflection: As some of you are familiar with HTML and XML by now, this stands as something we should all be looking forward to as budding MIS/CIS students. In my Interactive Web Design class, we have covered HTML and I can fully appreciate what HTML 5 can bring to the table. I am sure all my fellow classmates who are in the process of taking CIS 311(Interactive Web Development) or have taken it can appreciate HTML 5.

I am currently vested in a project for my Interactive Web development class, and using a WYSIWYG HTML editor to do it. I could not help but wonder what if I had all these features available to me while building my site now, what cool features I could easily add to the website without the need of having visitors download plug-ins. What cool music or interactive typography I could add. Therefore, while I am very excited for HTML 5, I am a little disappointed that I will not be able to create my project in HTML 5, because it is simply that neat.

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