A Better Firefox.{1}

by Mike Y
The Mozilla foundation release Firefox 9 on December 22, 2011. The web browser runs up to 36% percent faster than version 8. A small part of the user interface for Mac OS X 10.7 was changed while it stayed the same for Windows. It also patched 6 vulnerabilities. Firefox 12 is set to be released some time in April of 2012.

This is relevant to our current topic because the web would not be what it is today if it were not for JavaScript. It would not be nearly as interactive it is today. Since the processing of Javascript has been improved, the user experience should improve. Javascript is important because it makes websites more accessible to more people in terms of usability.

The improvement of Javascript in Firefox is very important because they will fall behind if they don’t. Before, it was mainly Internet Explorer that was the most used web browser until the arrival of Firefox. Now, there is Google’s Chrome in the picture competing for market share. From my experience, Chrome is faster than Firefox overall, but Firefox provides me more flexibility.


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