A glimpse of what SOPA might have been{1}

by Caezar M

this article is about the shut down of the website “jot form” that had its business in digital forms. the Secret Service notified the websites carrier Go Daddy dot com and ordered them to remove Jot Form from its DNS listings pending an investigation. that was all the information that was given to the host site and Jot Form was not notified of the shut down. the point that the author makes is that even without SOPA that the government still sees fit that they can shut down webpages on a whim like MegaUpload however that shutdown is debatable because of its explicit nature of distributing copywrit content. nobody anywhere knows why the Secret Service shut down Jot Form, nobody came around to investigate and just a few days later Go Daddy was allowed to restore the website to the internet again with no further explanation as to why they shut it down in the first place. the author goes on to explain that the shadowy way in whuch this took place seems very strange because even in the legal jorgon iof SOPA it never seemed like the people who shut down web pages could conduct themselves in such a “back room” kind of way. in any case no explanations were ever given as to why and they think they will never get a straight answer but the interesting thing that the author points out is that in any other case or manner to what extent would civil rights have been violated, and due process. if this investigation took place over any other entity and not over the phone where the people who shut websites down cannot be identified, how would the Secret Service have gotten away with this stunt with seemingly nothing said.


the fact that this happened and in such a horrible manner just goes to show that the government might be going a little to far with its power. its one thing if someone gave a tip about the website and the Secret Service actually checked it out before they kicked the doors in then that might be a different story. the audacity however is kind of disgusting, that they ordered a shutdown of a web site and offered no explanation as to why they in essence shut down a business. that is what is really is, webpages are businesses and in the case of jot form their web page might be their only store front so to be shut down for a week with no explanation really hurts them. on a side note, what the hell is the Secret Service doing shutting down web sites anyway? isn’t that the job of the FBI, as far as i knew the secret service usually gets involved when anti-semitism shows up involving those people in the care of the secret service. i dont see how that would be possible, the web page looks harmless enough. but any how, the manner in which this happened is fairly disturbing and dark in nature. i hope that this is not the future of the internet as we know it.
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