A Greener Government{2}

by Monica G
Legislatures are finally going green, or at least in Massachusetts they are. The Massachusetts legislation just implemented a new system called Legislative Automated Workflow System (LAWS) for all of the work that passes through the districts and courts. This was all made possible by an IT solution company named Tallan, Inc. The system was designed from the ground up so it would comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It uses Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET, SQL Server and SharePoint Server. The system allows ordinary people to view any bill throughout its entire lifecycle from filing to enactment. And legislators and their people will be able to “draft and file legislation, engage in bill sponsoring, managing committee activities and all other functions” from the State House to their own district.

I know this may seem a little beyond the class discussions, but it shows how ASP.NET is being used by our government. And the ways it can benefit us as taxpayers. The journal does lack some substance in terms of how the technology is used exactly but I am sure that is due to security purposes. We wouldn’t want that type of secure information to get into the wrong hands. The neat part is, that this reminds me a lot of our project, the company looked like it created a whole new website and of courses connected it to a database (or numerous databases) in order to work as it was meant to (which is exactly what we are doing in class).

There are some aspects of the journal that leave us in wonder, like how it works exactly. But as stated before, I’m sure the company doesn’t want that information out. However one of the bigger questions is are other states going to follow this path. I would like to think so, especially in California. And how much money is this saving the state? This question could not be answered now, because the system is still relatively new, but in the future, a number would be great.

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