A New Standard HTML 5{1}

by Jonathan F


HTML 5 is going to be a new standard that the World Wide Web Consortium will develop for the web. But HTML 5 has been around since 2008 and it has been incorporated in a number of web pages and applications already. The product that has taken advantage of HTML 5 has been the Apple IPad since Apple does not like to use Flash. HTML 5 has features that can be used as an alternative to Flash. Joshua Bixby president of Strangloop Networks says that HTML 5 is the next evolution in online experiences. HTML 5 creates an interactive experience for the user. HTML 5 does not require plug-ins that users had to previously download for the user to use a website. The plug-in are free for the users, but they are not for the developers which have to purchase the software to use the functionality.  HTML 5 is an enhancement to the HTML standard; it is not something completely new. There have been a number of improvements, but there are four that really stand out. The first is that you don’t need a Flash pug-in to stream audio and video files, this reduces download times and the load on the computer. There is also a new feature that will display graphics according to the user’s interaction and behavior on a webpage. HTML 5 will allow some web applications to work while a user  is  offline. Finally there is geolocation feature which will display content based on the location that the user is at bt using  Wi-Fi signals or GPS. Although HTML 5 has many improvements many developers are reluctant to build websites using HTML 5 because it requires that users update their web browsers. HTML 5 has been used more in the mobile market because products already come with updated built-in browsers. It is really up to the website owners or application developers to decide if they should use HTML 5 because it really does enhance the end-user experience.

This article is related to the topic of HTML. I think that HTML 5 is great because you don’t have to download all these plug-ins in order for a website to run properly. I also think that it is great because it will enhance the user experience by making websites faster and interactive. I find it very interesting that it’s the mobile market that had been taking advantage of using HTML 5.

I could see why people would hesitate to update their web browser, even if HTML 5 would enhance the user experience. There have been a lot of times that I have updated my web browser and don’t like the way that the new browser is set-up. I get accustomed to my old browser and sometimes the old browsers are better than the new updated ones.

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