A new Update for FireFox and suddenly Javascript is running faster.{3}

by Salvador A
The latest release of Firefox’s web browser Firefox 9, has come and is making big improvements. Most notably is the increased speed of JavaScript execution. From the article they estimated it had gone up by about 16 to 36%, from previous Firefox 8. This increase in speed might not seem like a lot but when you are dealing with milliseconds to keep the users attention, it makes all the difference. Other not so noticeable changes where critical bugs. The major ones cause memory leaks, that according to the Firefox team could have been used to compromise the browser and run bad code. Aside from this major bug clean up they also upgraded security to Firefox 2010’s browser. On the Mac side of things they implemented  a new feature that allows Mac users to use to fingers  and motion left or right to tab between websites that have been previously visited. And in an overall change they also wrote another contract that allowed Firefox to use Google as its default web browser, after paying  a fee that is.

This article was extremely informative when it came to the topic on the increase of speeds that were gained with the latest update.  I do wish they had elaborated more on Firefox’s silent updates. Something that has again according to the article been on the minds of the people at Firefox. This is something i would really like for them to pursue. Mostly because as an end user I really  do not like clicking on my update Firefox button. I would rather it do it in the background and not worry me about updating. But we did get better security and javascript code running faster with this latest update so I cant really complain about the future of Firefox’s updates ( or lack of).


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