A Not So Infantile Internet{1}

by Caezar M

this journal is about how we can shape the future of the internet and improve on Web Intelligence. First the Author comments on how the internet is in a sort of infintile state and how the way we currently query does not produce the information we want due to the innefficiencies of searching. since the internet is in a perpetual state of growth there is more and more media that is on the internet and the more and more demanding it will be to produce adequate results. in order to accomplish this we need to advance what the internet is made of essentially. the way the author believes we can do this is through an advance in AI and Intelligent Agents (IA). IA being something that collects information on a constant basis and helps to produce better content to the user . eventually this would evolve to the point where you could do anything on the internet and your IA would show you documents that it believes that would aid in what you are currently doing. ultimately the author believes that through IA that the internet will be a more advanced and user oriented place once we are able to explore all the corners of the internet adequately.


This journal has to do with the topic of the week; Web Intelligence. i thought it was interesting because after i finished reading this article i realized that it was published in 2003, oops. but regardless of when it was made its interesting to see the ideas of one person become a reality, or at least partly. I cant help but see this as something i can only describe as “Vernian” meaning that it seemed alien at the time but is not so crazy anymore (Jules Verne wrote stories about the space, sea, and air at a time when these things seemed impossible and impractical).  it is slightly different today because instead of IA we have tracking cookies and profile preferences that influence our online experience down to how our google search results are displayed. so we are not completely at the idea that the author had in mind but at least now it doesn’t sound crazy. overall Web Intelligence is a focus on the internet trying to get us the best possible results as fast as possible, taylored to our every purchase, search and facebook update, i cant wait to see what happens next.


Curran, Murphy, Annesley, (2003). Web intelligence in information retrieval, Web Intelligence, 2003. WI 2003. Proceedings. IEEE/WIC International Conference on [electronic resource],   409-412