Adobe abandons mobile Flash development, report says

by Marco M
“Adobe flash on the way out”

A statement released by Adobe announced that they will no longer continue to develop their Flash Player plug-in for mobile browsers; Adobe added that “end of the Flash era on the web is coming soon.” Adobe is now focusing on the development of a different application packaging

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program based on the HTML5 protocol. Although Adobe has provided software tools to mobile developers to create mobile apps that would work across platforms such as Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS, developers have said that coding with a non-native language leads to loss of app performance. For many years, critics of Adobe Flash had said that the platform was fundamentally unstable on mobile browsers, so Adobe is conceding that Flash is not an appropriate product for mobile devices. Others commented saying, “Adobe has lost so much credibility with the community that [perhaps Adobe Flash will be] bought by someone else that can bring some stability and eventually some credibility back to the Flash Platform”.

HTML5 should not get all the credit for the demise of Adobe Flash; JavaScript and CSS also contributed.  Apple Computers contributed as well, by purposely barring Adobe Flash from use on all iOS devices.

This article explains the reasons Adobe Flash is being discontinued and also, the reason developers are glad to see it go. At the same time, some developers expressed the opinion that Adobe Flash should be re-designed and made more efficient, particularly by using fewer resources from browsers in general.

I think that HTML5 offers a more practical and efficient alternative to Adobe Flash as more developers of apps, web 2.0 and others embrace it.



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  1. Wow I can’t believe that Adobe has given up on Flash for mobile devices. I think Apple played a big part in bringing Flash down. Apple has always refused to use it because of it’s resource hogging of IOS devices. I wonder if they will build something just as good as Flash with the new HTML5 protocol. I know they dominate the market with other applications such as Photoshop and Adobe Reader. I guess it shows that any technology can become obsolete. Well I shouldn’t say obsolete but it can become less significant. I knew Adobe’s most used application was YouTube but when that was upgraded for all mobile devices it became less necessary.

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