Adobe Dreamweaver Upgrades and New Features CS6{5}

by Daniel S
This week I read an article about Adobe Dreamweaver. Adobe has upgraded its version of Dreamweaver and has come out with Dreamweaver CS6. It is said that this version is an essential upgrade for anyone web developing professional who wants to build WebPages or applications that can automatically adapt when viewed in different browsers on a phone, tablet, or a computer. So, some of the new features that come with Dreamweaver CS6 is the fluid grid layouts, which lets the user specify exactly how the page elements will be arranged when the site is displayed on a small-screen like a phone or a tablet PC, or on a full screen computer. Also this version created a built-in support for a PhoneGap build, which is an open source platform that makes it easy to create a single web-based app that runs on multiple phone platforms. Another improvement to the software is the preview of the code they call “Live.” It shows a multi-screen shot of what your website will look like at the different platforms, for example your mobile phone, desktop, and your tablet PC.

I haven’t had too much experience with Dreamweaver, I have only had limited experience with the software and was impressed with how efficient it was using the software program. I felt it was definitely easier to use Dreamweaver than using notepad and saving the document and loading it through the webpage, because when using the software you can actually see what you are coding, visually. We haven’t gotten into too much detail about Dreamweaver, but I believe that this software is an essential tool for anyone that is taking a Web Development class or anything that wants to become a professional Web Developer. I really enjoyed reading this article because not only was it informative, but it gave us insight into a new software that the public is going to find really useful. Also, the upgrades the Adobe has made to its previous Dreamweaver makes it that much easier and effective, once the users have mastered the steep learning curve that comes with using this program.


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