Adobe flash is left behind as the popularity of jQuery rises{2}

by Giselle N
The article I read this week was about how a new trend analysis concluded that top websites are using jQuery more than Adobe flash. jQuery, which is Javascript’s most popular library, is used to create slide shows, drop down menus, pop ups, etc… Flash is also used in websites across multiple browsers to increase interactivity. appendTo, which is known as “The Company Dedicated to jQuery” conducted an analysis which concluded that 48% of 17,000 top websites are now using jQuery opposed to 47% using Adobe Flash. JQuery allows for creating quick and simple Javascript web pages and apps. The co founder and president of appendTo says, “jQuery works without the developer having to conduct additional testing to work around individual browser problems. Additionally jQuery is HTML5 ready and can be leveraged to innovate in that space.” jQuery is known for its simplicity, being easy to learn and being open source, different from Flash.


It’s interesting to know that jQuery is becoming so much more popular than Flash, but because it is easier to code and especially because it is open source it’s not hard to see why. The fact that HTML5 is coming out, it will be interesting to see how Adobe Flash will try to keep up with jQuery’s increasing popularity especially since jQuery can probably be used with HTML5 in ways Flash can not. overtake


jQuery overtakes flash on worlds top websites. (2011, Aug 24). Business Wire, pp. n/a.