Adobe Overboard!{4}

by Caezar M

Adobe is not going down with its own ship, as the move towards a HTML5  standard becomes more and more of a reality for everything online, adobe moves in the same direction by developing tools that would help make complex animations in HTML5 easier that could only be made with FLASH. The new Adobe EDGE software would help facilitate this transition by simplifying the coding conversions and assisting in animations in HTML5. Flash is still going to be the stronger player when it comes to games and videos but HTML5 will be better suited for other simpler tasks. there is some hope that eventually HTML5 will replace Flash, and while Adobe has dumped its mobile support  it will not stand idly by and watch Flash be replaced. Adobe Edge is Adobe’s way of saying “our format might get replaced but we still have the tools for making flash style animation easy in HTML5.” if anything the people who are happy for this will be the Apple community who have famously suffered when flash was not supported for the iOS platform.


its great to see that Adobe is evolving with the internet instead of taking a side seat and watching their product go up in virtual flames. flash has been around forever and had provided us with our internet content in many forms. so now that they are working towards the new standard means that they are invested in the future of the internet. in all reality they could have been stubborn about it and not done anything, but that would have done nothing for their reputation of being great software developers. so thank you Adobe for doing everything you can, you could have been left behind but thanks for tagging along.

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