Adobe Photoshop Simulator using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript{Comments Off on Adobe Photoshop Simulator using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript}

by Shahravi
Last week, we studied about HTML. We all know that HTML5 is the next big thing. I came across a cool article about HTML5 on The article isn’t long, not does it have much details. This article talks about a guy who created fully operational Adobe Photoshop simulator using HTML5, and other advanced tools. This simulator was fully operational on some of the browsers. I was able to test it on Google Chrom. The simulator was able to do pretty much everything an actual Adobe Photoshop software would do. Biggest advantage of this simulator was that the end user doesn’t need to download the actual software! One of the downside was that the simulator wasn’t operational on other browsers. It also kept crashing after few minutes of use.


I think the HTML5 has endless possibilities of creating useful applications. One thing we should keep in mind is that this technology is new and its still in development stage. We will see more and more useful applications. More and more developers and programmers are using HTML5 to create cool web applications.