Advantages of Model View Controller{Comments Off on Advantages of Model View Controller}

by Tuyen H

In the article “The Design of B2B E-commerce System Based on MVC Model and J2EE,” the authors mention to the new business model E-commerce which build on Model View Controller (MVC) model and Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE). The J2EE defines the standard for developing component-based multitier enterprise applications that allows developer to combine with MVC model to build the B2B E-commerce system. According to the author, “J2EE technology provides a powerful tool for application development of the B2B E-commerce system.” This article especially focuses on the advantages of MVC Model such as supporting multi-user, scalable, maintainable and highly interactive systems. MVC also allows developer create multiple views to display multiple sets of data; therefore, MVC supports of customize for different demand of user. Like 3-Tier Architecture, MVC has separated data control and data performance, so we can separate the responsibility of developers between user interface and business processing. It also supports parallel development which is very important for the big project.

In Interactive Web Development, we usually use 3-Tier Architecture and Model View Controller (MVC) model to develop our system. 3-Tier Architecture is very popular; however, with a big and complexity system, MVC will handle better. Especially in retailer industry, the transactions and changes are simultaneity, MVC model is perfect choice because all three components (Model, View, and Controller) communicate directly to each other.

In my opinion, Model View Controller Model is recommended to big company especial for retailer industry, while 3-Tier Architecture can apply to any kind of businesses especial for middle and small companies. As Web 2.0 generation, the centre of the website is customer interactive, MVC really support developer to achieve this point. However, because of direct communication of each component of MVC, I believe that MVC will hard to handle security problem than 3-Tier Architecture. Therefore, combine MVC and J2EE technology to build the B2B E-commerce System is the best way, but developer should not forget the data security component.


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