Aiding the Elderly

by Luis F
The article was about a new user interface called ISISEMD (Intelligent System for Independent Living and Self-Care of Seniors with Cognitive Problems or Mild Dementia), and how it helps not only the elderly with dementia, but the care givers and family members as well.  The service in particular that focuses on user interface, is the GUI for the elderly patients and the layout that shows the agenda for the day, and photos for that particular patient to refresh their memory.   It also provides services in different bundle packages such as memory games, monitoring outside movement, recognizing daily patterns as well as many others.  After a trial effort they found that they need to make some changes to adapt to the wide array of different personalities such as those who fear technology and don’t trust it.  Some possible changes include making sensors less noticeable and to monitor the effects of using the service provided by ISISEMD.

I personally think this is a great service and example of using technology to help a specific group to provide ease of mind for the families, as well as help those who suffer from dementia.  Having many family members involved in the medical field and knowing how much love and care they provide for their patients, it’s assuring to see there is a potential guardian to provide additional support under difficult circumstances.  Another strong point for this system is that they’re able to tailor it for those patients who wish to live independently and provide assurance to their families.

Hopefully with additional iterations they can produce GUI’s that are easy to navigate for the patients who fear technology.  They should also survey the family members and care givers of the progress they witness resulting from the service.  Another feature would be to include some kind of tracking device as a backup plan, just in case the patient is able to leave their homes or medical centers.  In summation it seems they’re on the right track to assisting a group in need.

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