AJAX and web applications{1}

Ajax is closing the gap between desktop and operating system dedicated applications and web applications. AJAX is not a single technology but a collection of several technologies working together that allows web servers and clients to efficiently use and host web applications with acceptable performance. The article talks about the approach that AJAX takes in order to allow web applications to run smoothly when a user utilizes it. It also talks about how AJAX is advancing and improving web applications by creating an AJAX engine between a server and a client. Multiple online companies use AJAX in their web products with much success and the article gives a couple of examples of these products.

This article is related to our discussion of this week because we talked about web applications and AJAX. It is used to develop web applications that can rival desktop applications with less resources and with online connectivity. It uses a combination of java script and XML which were both discussed in class as vital technologies that are currently being used to develop websites today.

In the future, advances in web based applications would allow performance and user experience to exceed to that of desktop applications. The advent of AJAX and its uses in the web is a sneak peek of what the web will offer us in the future. Small applications that perform large tasks will be seen more and more as we advance our technologies in the web.