AJAX In the Development of Web-Based Architecture in E-Governance Implemenation

by Toan T
My article is pretty much an analysis on AJAX technology and how it is enhancing the facilitation of e-government architecture as well the potentials it has by enablement of modern Web features as democratic collaboration. As the name implies, e-government is the method of utilizing information and communication technology as the primary support of the government. it covers many  resources such as people. government bodies, business organization and departments of state. E-government pretty monitor all government activities and to ensure proper sustainable development of the entire country. To achieve this, the government needed a reliable web technologies hat are efficient, fast and support a transparent framework with disseminating information to the public. There were many technology that were available but the one that stood out out of them all was AJAX. The article also mentioned pros and cons between technologies such as Javascript, Flash and JApplets. In addition to that, the article also mentioned the importance of AJAX in a real business environment and the effects it has on the current market.

I find this article to be very interesting because it talks about the different technologies that make up the Web environment and also their own specialties when it comes to certain features. What I found to be really good was that I never knew AJAX was that widely used since I used to think that AJAX was just a feature that people use to embed into the web pages but not as the primary back-end of a system framework.

Sharma, D. K., Varshneya, G., & Upadhyay, A. K. (2007). AJAX in development of web-based architecture for implementation of E-governance. International Journal of Electronic Government Research, 3(3), 40-53. http://search.proquest.com/docview/222734685?accountid=10357