Amazon Elastic Beanstalk made for Windows Devs{5}

by Robert M

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has released a toolkit for Microsoft Visual studio that allows developers using ASP.NET to easily convert applications that they have developed to work in a cloud based environment. The way that this works is extremely easy. After developing the application like they would normally, the AWS toolkit will upload the app to the Amazon cloud, and will then take care of any conversion necessary and deploy the application on the Amazon cloud. Not only does it work easily with ASP.NET, but Java and PHP applications as well. Users need only to make an AWS account, and develop the applications for an easy way to deploy these apps on the cloud.

Though users are required to pay for storage on the cloud, the use of the Elastic Beanstalk method of deployment carries no additional charge, simply acting as a good way to get developers to use the service. However, Ricknas writes, “for users that want try out the service, Amazon offers a free usage tier that includes 750 hours per month of a Amazon RDS micro instance with SQL Server Express Edition, 20GB of database storage and 10 million requests per month for up to a year.” There is also a “free usage tier” mentioned, though it does not go into detail on what that might entail. The article does mention that payment plans for storage start at US$0.035 per hour.

This toolkit seems like an awesome way for developers to easily get their applications hosted on a cloud without having to deal with a ton of┬áhassle, or even a large cost. I had never really thought of amazon as a company that was involved in a lot of “heavy tech” stuff like development and deployment on a cloud based infrastructure, but It’s neat to see them getting into the industry. Though I haven’t personally developed a cloud based app yet, I’m sure a service like this will be of great use in the future to me or anyone ┬áthat does so.


Ricknas, Mikael (2012). Amazon Web Service aims to make Life Easier for Windows Developers. PC World.