Amazon makes efficiency a web developer’s friend{2}

This article is exactly what it says because Amazon has given resources for web developers that make it easier for them to create their web applications for their Amazon account.  It’s called Amazon Web Services or AWS, and it allows Javascript, jQuery, ASP.NET, PHP, and Java.  The platform is called Elastic Beanstalk and uses the Windows Server 2008 R2 AMI(Amazon Machine Image).  They mention, “Elastic Beanstalk then automatically takes care of deployment details such as capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling and application health monitoring, according to the company.”  This means that everything will be taken care of, as their applications are uploaded into the Amazon cloud.

I chose this article because Amazon has always been a big user of these kinds of coding such as ASP.NET and PHP.  These are the main reasons why E-Commerce deals with a lot of different types of coding.  If only they gave classes about PHP in Cal Poly Pomona.  This was very interesting because developers and me have had to use the interface of Amazon and it gets pretty difficult to customize the functions.

I though about mentioning this because in class we do learn how ASP.NET help out the stability and the performance of web servers.  However, PHP is becoming a big use and I thought that we could think about that for our future classes.  Well, if ASP.NET does make things easier, than this project 3 will be very easy to do.

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